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Final post

Choose two film scores to compare and contrast. For example, it might be interesting to consider In the Heat of the Night and Blackkklansman. For my final blog post I have chosen to compare and contrast the music from Close encounters and fantastic Mr. fox. I choose these two because they were my favorite of the movie we […]

BlackkKlansman 2018

One riff to link them all. Blackklansman makes good use of contemporary instruments and styles to date the film, distorted guitars, a drumset and a Rhodes organ feel out the rock blues style of the Black side of the story, where the music listened to by the KKK members is a country tone. One riff […]

The Fantastic Mr Fox 2009

A stop motion thriller, The Fantastic Mr Fox is a great film with the right balance of awkwardness, action, and consequence, the music of Mr Fox adds significantly to the film. The music goes between two main styles, folk/western and rock/surf rock. At the beginning of the film we hear an example of the former, […]

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